An ancient katar forged of reflective obsidian metal, measuring approximately thirteen inches from blade tip to handle. The grip of the weapon is crafted of two parallel bars that sweep into protruding curls, each bar remaining forged of the deep red gem of wildstone, contrasting beautifully against the otherwise shimmering black of the actual blade itself.

The double-edged blade, spanning eleven inches in length, is broad at the hilt, though tapering in gradual yet elegant slope to its piercing tip.

Shallow grooves are etched across the length's middle to create the ornate markings of the sun that caress the surface of the weapon, while the blades fuller - a feature unique only to this one katar - is studded with flecks of wildstone shards, inset into the obsidian, symbolic of the tainted blood this weapon has spilled.

According to legend, the original owner of the blade - Kedalla Mikin - was a prolific and respected Light Maiden who became known as a dauntless slayer of Shadow shortly after Aurora Janus was removed from power in the year 122.

Kedalla's devout duty to the Light made her eventual death at the hands of a Shadow-Touched Mage all the more tragic. Her companions saw her death as an insult to the life she once cherished, and the faith she once held, and vowed to hunt down and destroy the Wildling that took Kadalla's life.

To this end they crafted the Wildstone Progeny; a weapon they deemed to be blessed with Light, adapted from the Katar that had previously served Kadalla so well.

History does not record the outcome of the battle between the Mage and Kadalla's companions, but this blessed Katar has survived the test of time all the same, and in doing so remains a testament to Kadalla's devotion to her cause.