Wild Boar
Height 2-3 feet at shoulder
Weight 300-500 lbs.
Danger High
Habitat Forested areas, grasslands
General Stats Good (males), Fair (females)
Use hide, teeth, meat

General DescriptionEdit

One of the staple hunted animals of Fastheld and the Wildlands, and the stock from which the domesticated Fastheld swine has evolved, the Wild Boar is, by reputation, a fierce, brutish, aggressive beast. It's often said that the ability and knowledge to hunt Boar is what separates the professional hunter from those who hunt merely for sport and for the occasional suppliment to their table; hunting for the wild pig is more dangerous, in many ways, than hunting Rock Wolf.

Seen as something of a nuisance in civilized areas, the Wild Boar is prized for the strength of the leather made from its hide and the sheer quantity of meat that can be butchered from it.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A four-foot-long quadraped mammal, with hooved feet, matted brown fur, a snout bristling with sharp teeth and tusks.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

The wild boar is found mostly in the forested areas of the wilderness within and without the Aegis, moving in large family group 'packs' as they range for food. In general, the largest male leads a group of four to five females, with their piglets and the occasional extra male hanger-on, though the extras are not tolerated during the spring mating season.

They generally eat plants and insects, finding ground-mushrooms a particular delicacy.

General BehaviorEdit

Females will protect their young, but are generally unaggressive, preferring to run rather than fight. Males, on the other hand, are territorial, brutish, vicious, ornery, and exceedingly dangerous.

A male seeing a threat to his 'family' will posture and squeal before charging, seeking to drive intruders off with sharp tusks and hooves. A bony head and shoulder-carriage make it surprisingly hardy to conventional attack, and its raw rage often drives it even past a mortal wound to attempt to kill those that wounded it. A maddened boar is more than capable of killing a single hunter who doesn't make a tree in time.

Their real weakness is poor eyesight - even if smelling an intruder, the boar will often wait to charge until it is certain it has something to charge at, and has been known to lose track of a target that can get out of its field of vision and downwind.

Once it is maddened, a Boar will stop at very little until its target - and likely whatever else it can get hold of around that target - is dead and unmoving.

Relevant StatsEdit

(adult males only:)

Hooved Combat: Great
Athletics: Fair
Dodge: Good
Luck: Fair

ODF: 40
DDF: 25

HPS: 200

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