The town of Wedgecrest sits on the northern height of a cliff overlooking Fastheld Gorge, through which the river passes as it arcs around a tall knob of granite called Night's Bane - a smooth-sloped hill that exceeds the cliff by about thirty feet, imbued with flecks of minerals that glimmer under the light of the sun, moons or stars. Wedgecrest was first settled three centuries ago, founded by Trastar Mikin, and the town seems to have all the earmarks of a Mikin borough: The architecture is all straight lines and sharp angles, somber and devoid of decoration, and where nature has sought to deprive Wedgecrest of amenities, Wedgecrest has cowed or outright brutalized nature into submission. Although a fine defensible position for the town, the cliff made it an unlikely port town, which threatened Wedgecrest's economic prospects. So Trastar Mikin leveled a fairly large chunk of the Wallwatch Wood for lumber used to build a series of angled walkways down the face of the cliff to the piers known as Wedgeport.