Despite being raised in a traditional setting for a modern day Vollistan in a communal setting in the caves of her own planet by parents with strong tradition values, a general reticence of offworlders and technology and a desire to do nothing but spend their days under the watchful eye of sun god Volir in the cradle of mother Volista, Volidana developed a sense of restlessness and wanderlust early in life. As soon as travel from Vollista was made possible once more, volidana made the choice to leave home with an idealistic naïve zeal.

After a brief stay on Sanctuary, she made another unorthodox choice by signing on as historian for the crew of the vanguard exploratory vessel VES Minivera under the command of Captain David Ransom Porter and Commander Diedre Staunton. perpetuation of violence, she approach her assignment with great enthusiasm. Her optimism was to be short lived as the origins of her very existence where called into question. While she had always felt some guilt at leaving home the knowledge, the knowledge that she was a descendant and what’s more a creation of the Kamir whose heritage was anything but peaceful, caused her to view every decision in light of her “tainted blood” and the leaving of her home as the beginning of a decent into darkness. She feels the constant need to battle her darker tendencies and to carry and atone for evil the kamir have perpetuated. Proven susceptibility to kamiroid artifacts which have caused her to attempt suicide and the murder of another during Kamir mindgames have given some credence to her fears concerning darker influence and it is a constant challenge.

There are several key players in her journey, her mystic mate Hezekiah who share the struggle of facing a Kamir heritage while being separated from their people and the couple’s child three year old son Daniel. While her family is her source of light, goodness and hope, the Interrogator Volari evokes extreme hatred as he is viewed as the embodiment of darkness. Marlan Ranix Doctor aboard Minerva and Captain of her successor UKT Athena friend and employer with whom she often butts heads also exerts considerable influence. ranix’s recent transformation to Marlan’Kamir]] has with time given Volidana hope for her heritage an future.



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