Val'sharax the Arbitrator

Known also as "The Keeper of Names", the "Judge", and the "Arbitrator", Val'sharax is one of the two known Dragons that dweels within the region of Sho'drakar that the Wildlands and the empire of Fastheld inhabit, south of the Dragonspine Mountains.

Val'sharax has remaining something of an enigma towards both the people Fastheld and the Wildlands themselves. A red dragon by color, he seems to hold no alliances to anyone, and deals in information and aid only when it suits his own interests. However, he remains in the service of what he deems the Natural Order or the Natural Balance, and evidently takes a strong dislike towards anything or anyone that seeks to disrupt this equilibrium.

Quick to anger towards actions of arrogance, threat, or sycophantic behavior, Val'sharax is known to be unpredictable yet diplomatic, vengeful yet benevolent. One of his many talents appears to be the ability to know names of people and places, and can apparently watch events unfold regardless of his relative position to them.

Ancient, wise, and utterly dangerous, the crimson drake's relationship to Fastheld is currently a factor that has yet to be decided, and his role to play in the fate of the area that he holds court over is just as unknown.

However, his inherant command of Draconic granting him influence over both the Shadow and the Light, combined with his sheer size and raw power, make him one of - if not the - greatest force known to man; one bound only by great restraint and the knowing of what it is to be a creature such as he.

         , ,    "Grr."        
     ,  /|_|\  ,        
    /( ( - - ) )\  //   
   //\  \   /  /\\//    
  //  '-/'-'\-'  \\\    
  |(   | (=) |   )|/    
  \    (\\=//)    /     
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