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Height 3ft long, with tail
Weight 5-9 lbs.
Danger Low
Habitat Riverbanks, Rivers
General Stats Fair
Use Meat, pelt

General Description[]

Playful, inquisitive, reasonably intelligent, and quick, the Tumbler is a common sight along the water. About three feet long, including the tail, they carry sleek brown fur and usually a black or grey mask around their eyes.

Generally considered a good omen by the riverfolk that make their living plying barges, they are hunted for their meat - a welcome addition to the table for many households - and their waterproof pelts that make astounding cold and wet weather cloaks and shoes.

Hunted Object Description[]

A three-foot-long brown-furred quadraped aquatic mammal with a mask of gray fur around its eyes and a long tail that in life helps propel it through water.

Habitat and Habits[]

Found in forest pools and along the rivers on both sides of the Aegis, the Tumbler's inquisitive nature leads it down waterpaths and to new fishing grounds. Generally moving in small family groups, the playful creatures have spread to be a common sight near water.

Prey to larger predators like the Bushdragon, Rock Wolf and Mud Bear, Tumblers in turn eat insects, lizards, and eggs on top of their proclivity for fish.

General Behavior[]

Not truly domesticated, the Tumbler is playful, if tentative, known to steal shiny objects that catch its attention and cache them in hidden bevy-nests along the riverbank. They do not fight, preferring to flee into the water when threatened, where their prodigious swimming ability makes them nearly impossible to catch.

Relevant Stats[]