Height 3-5 ft. long, including tail
Weight 25-50 lbs.
Danger Moderate-high
Habitat Plains, Forest
General Stats Good
Use hide, meat, claws, teeth

General DescriptionEdit

Associated with House Kahar and the Light, the Tuft-Eared Wildcat is very rare inside the Aegis, and highly uncommon outside of it. Elusive, stealthy, and with strong family bonds, it is a capable hunter, easily able to bring down prey twice or three times its size. While hunters do seek them for their pelts and claws, it is a rare hunter that has the skill to succeed regularly.

Consuming the flesh of a wildcat is said to make one brave and more certain, while their claws and fangs are often carried as talismans against the Shadow.

Popular lore associates the Wildcat with the 'illumination' of the Light, crediting it as being a wise creature, swift to strike down the Shadow in its own lair, advisor and guide to Emperors and those the Light has chosen for its own.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A four-foot-long quadraped mammal, with clawed feet, spotted beige and black fur, sharp teeth and angled ears that sprout tufts of white fur.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Wildcats range widely over their 'territory', generally following prey as it moves. They are active year-round, with the spring mating season making them their most dangerous.

Their wide range and general retreating nature make them exceptionally rare sights, and they prefer to avoid man or the few larger predators that would consider them a meal of opportunity.

General BehaviorEdit

Wildcats are generally solitary creatures, though mated pairs are exclusive, and mate for life. Their wide range and solitary nature makes them rare and unusual sights in the wild spaces.

While normally the Wildcat avoids man, it is not above fighting to earn the right to flee, or in defense of mate or cubs. A hunter hunting wildcats should be exceedingly careful to determine whether the track he follows is part of a mated 'family' - more than one hunter has killed one wildcat only to be mauled by another that simply does not cease attack until it or its target is dead.

Relevant StatsEdit

Clawed Combat: Great
Dexterity: Great
Luck: Good

ODF: 35
DDF: 20

HPS: 120

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