[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Timonae]]
Scientific Name Shohobi antimonus
Classification Clairvoyant Humanoid
Average Height 6'5" / 200cm
Average Weight 180lbs / 80kg
Average Lifespan 180 Years
Native Language Timonese
Homeworld Antimone
Scaling +1 Dexterity, +1 Willpower, +2 Charisma, -1 Intelligence, -1 Constitution, -2 Strength
Innate GFQs Psychic, Lucky

The Timonae are a rather free-living race with a knack for gambling and trouble making. Originally the same race as the Mystics, the Timonae broke off with them approximately eleven thousand years ago under Timon. These followers of Timon sought to use the Shohobian psychic gift for profit. After the sundering, however, the Timonae lost most of these abilities, and are now only mildly psychic after many millennia.


Timonae have a humanoid appearance. Timonae, like their Mystic brethren, have silver hair and olive skin (closer to brown than green). Their eyes are opalescent; that is, they have a uniform, lustrous sheen, and lack distinction between iris and pupil. Timonae usually have green or violet eyes and range in height from six to seven feet.

Partly contributing to their racial stereotype as rogues and pickpockets are the construction of their digits: they have four joints on each finger and toe rather than three, as well as lacking fingerprints.


Timonese society is based around luck. Lotteries, drawings, throwing dice and other random means are often used to inspire a decision. Practices many civilizations ban (such as drug use) are permitted on Antimone. It is thought that those who take drugs are simply taking a chance with their life.

While Timonae are often thought of as criminals or pickpockets, their talents can be applied to many legitimate endeavors. An executive seemingly blessed by luck can do just as well as a Timonese criminal, for instance.