Tiger's Paw is an independent shipping vessel that seems to have no particular port of call. The ship is registered, perhaps appropriately, with Demaria, though she seems to be there only infrequently. In fact, the freighter seems to wander with the whims of her captain, a Timonae named Caron Rylance. In stereotypical Timonae fashion, he may just be more lucky than skilled.

Rumor has it that he won the ship in a card game. In this case, as is fairly often the case, rumor is mostly wrong, with a kernel of truth at the heart of it. There was indeed a card game involved, but Rylance didn't win. He actually blatantly cheated to obtain the ship, and nobody's ever found out any differently, even to this day. The Timonae captain cheerfully ascribes to the theory that you're only in trouble if you get caught, and just as cheerfully lies about the fact that he had two extra aces up his sleeve that night.

Despite the roguish nature of her captain and the decidedly shady way the ship was obtained, Tiger's Paw is only known to take on legal cargo. Rylance may be a swindler and a troublemaker, but by all appearances, he is not a smuggler.

The ship's current crew roster consists of:

Carlon Rylance 
Known to most as simply Rylance, the captain of the Tiger's Paw is probably best defined as somewhat shifty. Even if one discounts the method he used to obtain his ship, the Timonae is the source of no end of trouble for the rest of the crew, who end up having to bail him out in one sense or another with startling regularity.
Cherry Mathews 
A young human woman who left New Luna looking for some excitement (and the pay ain't bad, either), Cherry is fairly unremarkable except for her undeniably keen piloting skill and her almost disgustingly optimistic attitude.
Blackfoot Stormstalker 
This towering, striped felinoid was hired alongside his twin brother Longtail to handle cargo loading and unloading as well as security. The pair of Demarians are the most recent hires aboard the vessel.
Longtail Stormstalker 
Longtail refused to take a position on the Tiger's Paw unless Blackfoot was taken as well. Or maybe it's the other way around. Nobody's really sure. He does the same work as his brother, the two of course working well as a team.
Lauren Wright 
The ship's engineer, Lauren originally hails from Enaj. She and her husband Isaac are the two longest-serving crewmembers on the current roster. They have a daughter together, Alexandra, who spent most of her early life on board the vessel.
Isaac Wright 
The ship's physician is also from from Enaj, but the two Sivadians had never met before they were hired by Carlon. Their first real conversation involved a minor engine room accident, the results of which Lauren had to be treated in the infirmary for.
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