,  /|_|\  ,       Both ancient and legendary by any definition
  /( ( \ / ) )\      of the terms, and perhaps one of the most unique to
 //\  \   /  /\\     ever grace the realm of Fastheld, The Lady's Aegis is
//  '-/'-'\-'  \\    truly an amazing sight to behold.
|(   | (=) |   )|     
\    (\\=//)    /    Spanning four feet long in horiztonal length, this unique
 \|\|\/"""\/|/|/     Tower Shield appears to have been forged from Gold,
                     Wildstone, and - perhaps most breathtaking of all - Seraphite, granting
it a visual image as remarkable as it is unrivalled by any other defensive item that exists.

Though that which it is constructed of may be exceptional by rights of being rare indeed, it
manages to be second only to the actual shape that the tower shield has been forged into; that
evidently being an abstract homage to a Great Drake, with detailed wings, eyes, claws, and indeed
even down to the snout itself.

The abstract image doesn't quite do the Drakes themselves justice, of course, yet as far as shields
and, indeed, even works of art go, this is quite exceptionally one of a kind. The Seraphite from 
which the shield is constructed shimmers with a radiant bluish-white hue, lustrous in nature, and
wholly unique to the attenuated metal that The Lady's Aegis has been constructed from. Apparently
in large amounts, too, making this shield as priceless as it is beautiful.

Of course, a cobalt-blue glow isn't all that Seraphite has granted The Lady's Aegis, for the shield
is relatively light weight too, and offers a level of protection even greater than steel. Gold
accents add the finer details to the image of the Drake, while burning crimson wildstones make the
eyes. A taught leather strap of a level of tanning that surpasses which Fastheld can currently
produce is secured to the back, allowing complete control over the shield when it is held in the
off-hand. Finally, almost as an afterthought, an inscription on the back of the shield reads: