The city of Southwatch is set atop a long, low granite bluff that commands a view of the plain all around. Particularly visible is the huge, seven-hundred-foot height of the Aegis Wall a stone's throw to the south and its confluence with Stalwart Falls where the river thunders under that protective barrier. Indeed, the town itself was built foremost as a fontier outpost to protect the nearby Forest District from assault through, over, or under the Wall.

Southwatch's first line of defense is her long view across the surrounding plains; her second is the long stone wall which surrounds the bluff, running along the top of shallow cliffs where it might. Twenty to forty feet high, this wall, Southbreak, encircles the houses and businesses of its citizens as well as surrounding Southwatch Tower proper which rises high and impenetrable in the centre of the bluff. Smaller keeps ring the town, six in all, at even distance from each other.