[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Sivadian]]
Scientific Name Homo sapiens sivadis
Classification Genetically-modified humanoid
Average Height 5'10" / 177cm
Average Weight 160lbs / 72kg
Average Lifespan 137
Native Language Terran Standard
Homeworld Sivad
Scaling None
Innate GFQs Cybernetics

Sivadians are a race of humanoids, many of whom descend from the British and Western European human settlers who first settled on Sivad in 2160.


Sivadians pride themselves on their culture. A few elements of their culture can be traced back to Victorian England. This, combined with an appreciation for the newest technology, has created a society that is unique in and of itself.

Cybernetics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and even the latest gadgetry is generally appreciated by Sivad. Common cybernetics like the appliance control utility and exploitation of artificial intelligence technology allow Sivadians to enjoy a high standard of living, even if their living space is quite small.

Sivadians are also known for their sense of etiquette, an old custom that has waxed and waned through various eras but has come back into prominence with the increasing population density of Sivad. No longer a mere formality from the past, this etiquette is now essential to prevent any number of problems that could come from living in such an enclosed space.

Naming ConventionsEdit

Sivadians most commonly have a given name and a family name (taken from the father's family name). When a female Sivadian marries, she takes the family name of her husband.

Roleplaying TipsEdit

Most Sivadians grow up in large buildings like arcologies, surrounded by people. Most at least carry a facade of politeness to prevent potential flare-ups. They live in rather small spaces, generally, and they tend to have (or wish they had) the latest gadgets.

Agoraphobia is a common issue that Sivadians have. Being outside, nature that is not necessarily tamed and groomed to look good, dealing with weather and very few people compared to Sivad can have a negative effect on some Sivadians. An obsession with cleanliness is also common. With time, many of the issues can be dealt with, but the 'outside' can be nerve wracking to some Sivadians for a while.

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