Sivad is a terrestrial planet in the Ikeopo system. Some of its cities are Ynos, Aniger-on-Nova, and the capital, the Enaj Arcology.


Total area: 513.571 million sq km
Land area: 55.261 million sq km
Water area: 458.310 million sq km
Note: 89.24% of the world is water, 10.8% is land
Two large areas of polar climates are separated by two rather narrow temperate zones from a wide equatorial band of tropical to subtropical climates.
Highest elevation is Mt. Adnill at 9,827 m and lowest land depression is Lake Retrep at –211 m below sea level. The greatest ocean depth is the Great Naeco Trench at 13,928 m in the Naeco Ocean.

Life on SivadEdit

Sivad is one of the most population dense places within the Orion Arm, with most modern Sivadian cities averaging fifty million citizens. The arcologies augment the capacity of most Sivadian cities or exist as cities in their own right. The arcologies are crowded places to live, with most living space consisting of small units. An individual living alone in an average Enaj apartment can expect to live in a small 10x10 foot room able to hold a place to sleep, some personal items and a small amount of entertainment equipment. While conditions may seem cramped and inconvenient, many ambitious people come to live in the city, as it has become known as a place where many powerful organizations have a headquarters, as well as the current seat of the Sivadian government.

Cybernetics, nanotechnology, and other forms of personal enhancement are considered to be what Sivad does best. While many other industries exist, the personal enhancement industry is the best known. As a whole, cybernetics, genetics and nanotechnology are widely accepted and integrated into Sivadian society.


The Gentry are a social and economic class that has developed on Sivad over the past several centuries, particularly with the growing population and the rise of arcologies as the location of the majority of Sivadian dwellings. In Sivadian culture, the term Gentry refers to families that own land for residential purposes.

Gentry are not recognized as a class by the Sivadian government, thus exact measurements of what defines the gentry do not exist. Connotatively, however, gentry is a term for those who own substantial amounts of land, and can maintain a large amount of an extended family over generations, thus excluding incidental cases of nuclear families with residences on land.


Sivad is governed by the Council of Equals, a body consisting of 75 representatives from districts on Sivad. The system of government is unitary. The First Councillor is the leader of the Government. The current First Councillor is Elizabeth Higgon.

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