Height 3-4 feet in length (including tail)
Weight 11-22 lbs.
Danger Moderate
Habitat Forested areas
General Stats Good
Use Meat, hide/pelt, domestication

General DescriptionEdit

Inquisitive, territorial, and living in tightly-knit groups, the Shriekweasel is the largest animal of its sort in the known world. There are other weasels, martins, and minks about - but none grows so large, with such luxurious brown-and-golden fur, and with such a wide range. It is considered lucky, and a prime target for hunters looking for profit from furs.

House Nillu has actually domesticated the Shriekweasel, its nobles prizing the animal for its exceptional loyalty, companionship, and its ability as a guardian -

Its distinctive shriek, from which it derives its name, can literally be heard for miles, sounding not unlike a woman's high-pitched scream of distress.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A four-foot-long quadraped mammal, sleek and sinuous, with clawed feet, brown fur, dark eyes masked in goldenrod fur, sharp teeth and angled ears.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Shriekweasels live in family groups often extending to four and five generations, in burrows and small cave systems dug into the land and roots of the largest, oldest forest trees. With catlike intelligence and grace, they are nonetheless not often found alone.

Unusually, this beast prefers the winter months, being most active when the air is at its coldest, and choosing to spend most of the spring and summer hidden away in dens and only coming out to hunt. As the air chills, they move out of their burrows, ranging over a wide swath to hunt and mate, with their mating season coming in early autumn.

They prefer insects, small lizards, rodents, and the occasional Longflank Hare as a meal.

General BehaviorEdit

Shriekweasels in the wild will generally avoid contact with predators (and men), using their burrow systems for protection and keeping to a somewhat limited range. They trust easily, however - a patient observer that waits a time will see them emerge and frolic and hunt once they grow used to his presence. They prefer to flee rather than fight, but will defend their burrows to the death if the burrows are compromised - often driving off badgers who consider them a delicacy.

Domesticated Shriekweasels live about nine years, and are incredibly close companions, tailing their chosen humans closely and actually wasting away if shut away from them for too long. They are vicious, though not exceedingly dangerous, guardians, taking well to training that involves guarding their owner's sleeping-place or possessions. Inquisitive, they are as curious as cats, fearless around other humans and often making off with shiny objects that catch their interest. These animals often grow lethargic and sleepy when the temperature is too warm, preferring cooler days and spaces to the high days of summer.

Relevant StatsEdit

Dodge: Good

ODF: 20

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