A Chestnut Shire
Height 18 hands at the shoulder (6 feet)
Weight up to 2,000 lbs.
Danger Moderate
Habitat Domesticated, also light forest and plains.
General Stats Good
Use riding, meat, hides, hooves

General DescriptionEdit

A Shire is a heavy horse, used for plowing, farm work, and bearing heavy loads. Generally gentle, but exceedingly strong, they are prized as carthorses and, despite their size, for those who aren't.. precisely.. the best of riders.

Standing on average at eighteen hands at the shoulder, Shires come in bays, black bays, and chestnuts primarially. Not fast, as horses go, they have been traditionally bred for loads over all else. Wild Shires are very uncommon, usually 'feral' herds that have slowly accumulated as those that breed the beasts have lost intractible or overcurious mounts. That said, the wild ones have become prized for their spirit - a cut above the long-domesticated breeds.

House Seamel is famous for horse breeding in general, but like the Paso Fino, the Shire breeds that come out of Seamel lands are highly prized.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

(Colt Only:) A four-legged shire colt, which can be trained, tamed and raised to serve as a riding mount.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Shires are found everywhere man has a use for them, of course. In the wild, however, Shires prefer plains and low forest, where their lack of speed is countered by their ability to see predators coming.

General BehaviorEdit

Shires are generally placid, docile, and friendly beasts, inquisitive without being overly bright. They will fight only if cornered, preferring to run when faced with a real threat, but, given their size, they consider very little threatening.

They are unsuitable for warhorses due to their relative lack of spirit, and are practically untrainable in the role.

If a Shire is driven to fight, they fight only until escape presents itself, and then flee. That said, a kick or a stomp from these powerful beasts is more than capable of killing a man outright.

Relevant StatsEdit

Hooved Combat: Good
Athletics: Superb
Dodge: Fair

ODF: 60
DDF: 0

HPS: 400

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