A set of unique Shadowdancer Armor, made from tough yet surprisingly supple leather reinforced with numerous close-set polished obsidian rivets that form an agile coat of metal; the leather itself acting as little more than a means of securing the rivets in place. Numerous belts and straps remain interlaced across jerkin of the armor, complete with buckles and pouches, to lend the armor a unique level of utility and strength, while the leather itself harbors the color of soot, remaining a flawless shadow of black that seems to absorb the light.

Contrasting the reflective obsidian studs with the dull shadow of leathery soot, this one-of-a-kind set consists of a number of different parts:

A leather Brigandine protects the torso of the wearer, remaining sleeveless in design though dexterous in nature. The leather is soft and supple, offering little in the way of protection. The defensive capability of the brigandine is provided instead by the hundreds of close-set rivets that are woven into the leather, creating a flexible coat of obsidian studs.

Worn over and upon the brigandine, one might also find a number of Belts, Straps, and Buckles that run both horizontally and diagonally in a lattice of leather strips.

A pair of Pants cover the legs, consisting mostly of supple leather, though featuring a stripe of rivets down either side of the leg to protect against attacks that come from the sides, such as slashes. Black leather Gloves protect the hands, while the wrists are cased within a gutter- shaped pair of Bracers.

Finally, a pair of long Spaulders enshroud the shoulders in a shell of overlapping gutter-shaped shells.

The Dawnstar of Kousra was a huge waterstone named after a hero of the Light, and was guarded by six Scourges at all times within the Citadel of Sun's Keep. In 550 ATA a thief snuck into the Citadel and stole the jewel in a daring raid. When questioned by a Shadowbane, the head guard claimed that she saw a shadow moving near the jewel's case, but when she went to strike it her blade bounced off like it had hit a wall. The ricochet never made a sound.

The Dawnstar of Kousra was eventually delivered to the Imperial Tribunal in 615 ATA, along with the set of armor in question by a anonymous source that named themselves only by a note left with a package: Shadowdancer.

Amazingly, the armor itself was stolen in 626 ATA from the Imperial Museum of Artifacts. The Justiciar at the time, one Soravyn Zahir, could only laugh and declare the act a "fitting tribute" to the original owner. No bounty was ever put out for the armor's return.