River Eel
River Eel
Height 18-24 inches long
Weight under 1 lb.
Danger Moderate
Habitat Rivers
General Stats (as group) Fair
Use Meat

General DescriptionEdit

The River Eel is a delicacy that is fished out of rivers in both sides of the Aegis. Whiplike and fast, aggressive and ill-tempered, they are the one common danger found in swimming holes and river eddies. Of course, they're a welcome danger, in many cases - their meat is delicate and very tasty, fetching premium prices to Nobles who have never fished them out of the river themselves while offering a common treat to the common folk that have learned the trick.

One species of eel is, however, attracted to blood - and is the primary reason why people in Fastheld have learned not to swim when there is blood in the water; so much so that there's a common bias to avoid doing so at all costs.. not even with the smallest of cuts.

River eels are found in most freshwater bodies of water except Stillwater Lake in the Wildlands. Most species are completely harmless save for a bad temper that leads to bites when their territory is invaded - and those bites are usually more painful than serious.

General BehaviorEdit

Generally, Eels are largely harmless (if fearsome-looking), defending their territory but otherwise prey to Tumbler and fisherman.

One species of black eel, however, largely indistinguishable from others, lives in small pockets along the faster runs of the rivers. This species is adapted to group hunting; called 'Shadow Eels', they are attracted to and voraciously attack creatures that shed blood in their range. A chance bite from a territorial Shadow Eel can turn into a water-churning frenzy as blood disperses through the water. Thankfully rare, it rarely causes deaths save amongst children or smaller animals that cannot escape them before critical damage is done.

Relevant StatsEdit

(Shadow Eels Only, in Frenzy)

Bite Combat: Fair

ODF: 35
DDF: (Special)

HPS: (special) doesnt really matter though

A pocket of shadow eels is effectively immune to effective attack; it's not just one eel, but several, all attacking in concert, if not with tactics. The easiest way to 'defeat' them is simply to leave the water; eels cannot long survive without water to breathe.

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