Hammered and polished steel, composed of two pieces covering the chest and upper back. The segments are linked together by sturdy leather straps and metallic fasteners.

The chest is embossed with the image of a night black raven, its sharpened beak aimed up toward the throat of the wearer while feathered ebon wings spread over the chest to the left and right. The steel talons of the bird poke down, angling left and right over the stomach.

The back of the armor features two huge, round amber eyes gazing out from a field of black. A metal beak juts down toward the lower back.

Forged for Goram Zahir in the year 6 BTA (Before the Aegis) by a Hedgehem blacksmith named Yull Fin, this armor was worn by the man known as the Craven Raven about the time he orchestrated the dastardly betrayal of the Emperor's Blades and the Church of True Light at the Valley of the Blades to the Wildling invaders.

Legend holds that Zahir intended for this to be his signature armor when he ascended to the throne of Fastheld upon disposing of Emperor Talus Kahar I. He fancied that the raven eyes gazing out from the back would create a mystique about his cognitive abilities and deter others from trying to betray him as he would betray them.

As it turns out, however, the eyes did nothing to save him from capture after the Emperor survived the Wildling ambush in the valley along the Fastheld River. He wore the armor as he hung along the Imperial Thoroughfare, the deep amber eyes gazing balefully down through misty rain at those who thwarted his scheme.

  • Status: Retired.