The Radiant Darkness is an ancient obsidian rapier, consisting of a flawless forty-two inch blade attached to a hilt that, while obviously designed for the rapier, seems to have been influenced by the flowing guard and handle construction of sabres. Suffice to say; though it is a deadly weapon to behold, it is a beautiful one at that.

A line of crimson wildstone crystal runs the length of the blade, contrasting elegantly against the reflective black of the metal, all the while drawing the attention away from serrated-edge of the blade that are unique to this weapon, allowing the already razor sharp weapon an extra touch of saw-like damage.

The blade gracefully slinks into a flowingly ornate steel loop-guard; the guard in turn connecting to the steel-wire bound grip and elegantly detailed pommel. Various gemstones line the length of the guard, while a raven of gold rests within between them, striking out from the darkness with a tenacity all of it's own.

Legend has it that the blade was forged in smoldering brimstone fires, and cooled in the blood of its creator Zymarra Zahir in the year 249 ATA (After the Aegis).

The Radiant Darkness is a typically evil weapon; the kind of sword that has inspired more than a little diabolical laughter throughout the ages while being waved in the face of one or another virtuous Kahar.

Some claim that it is possessed of thoroughly heinous evils, with the main attraction of the weapon perhaps well being the theme of "comeuppance" it seems to bring upon those who may have scorned its current owner...