Paso Fino
Height 5', at the shoulder
Weight 800-1200lbs
Danger Moderate
Habitat Domesticated, plains
General Stats Fair
Use Riding, meat, hooves

General DescriptionEdit

The riding horse by which all others are judged, the Paso Fino is a breed known for its exceedingly smooth gait and high endurance. Chestnut, Roan, Paint, and Black colorations are all common, and the horse spans the breadth of temprament and spirit.

Favored by noble and well-off Freelander alike, the breed is unsuited for hauling, and is best used as a simple rider or trail horse. Capable of carrying a single rider and all gear a significant distance, they can also be trained for light combat duty and are the breed most often chosen for horsebound Rangers and hunters simply because of their survivability and hardiness.

The best Paso Finos in Fastheld are said to come from Seamel breeders, though the Lomasas have a fair interest in this breed themselves.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

(Colt Only:) A four-legged paso fino colt, which can be trained, tamed and raised to serve as a riding mount.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Generally, the Paso Fino is a domesticated breed with a long and carefully tracked lineage, bred to be a riding horse. There are several wild herds, however - a handful of the beasts still roam in the wild spaces of Fastheld, especially along the base of the Aegis, while larger herds are culled by the Wildlanders of Crown's Refuge in the Azure Steppes and up into the drakesreach.

General BehaviorEdit

In the wild, horses are herd beasts, more prone to flight than to fight aggressors. Domesticated Paso Finos are largely unquantifiable; it's best to say that each individual horse has its own personality, and the breed was bred for endurance, not for agreeable personality traits. Different strains of the breed are known, in fact, for different tempraments - House Seamel paso finos tend to be high-spirited, intelligent beasts, somewhat willfull but rewarding to the expert rider, while House Nillu's breeds are much more even tempered and docile, as befits a merchant's mount.

The breed is exceedingly common throughout Fastheld and the Wildlands.

Relevant StatsEdit

Athletics: Great

ODF: 40 DDF: 0

HPS: 150

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