(Original thanks for the OSpace system goes to Russkaya.)

Otherspace Ship Creation - Basic Starship Construction

The following steps guides you to through the construction of an off the rack civspec starship or milspec starship without its weapons kit out. A complete list of ship construction commands may be found at +space/shipyard commands, +space/admin and +space/rp. This command source list is also displayed when you look at a shipyard console.

Ships may be constructed within a designated shipyard. This is a room with the proper attributes set and contains a shipyard console. The shipyard room attributes track the types of ships which may be made in that shipyard and the information required to automatically set the ship's identification number.

Informational Commands:

The following commands are useful in choosing what ship you want to build:


Lists the available ship classes by name.

+ship/class <shipclass name>

Displays specifications of a shipclass.


Lists the available shipyards and their 3-letter code.

+ship/yard <shipyard code>

Lsits the ships made at that shipyard.

Construction Commands:

These may be used in any legitimately set up shipyard. While the order in which the commands are listed is the recommended order in which to do the commands, once the ship object is made the order is not critical. These commands make a basic ship - advanced features, such as new or upgraded equipment, weapons and special systems like docking bays or boarding locks will be handled in the next primer. It should take only about five to ten minutes to make a ship.

+ship/clone <classname>

Creates a new ship from a ship template.

+ship/roomlist <ship_dbref>

Lists the ship rooms and room dbrefs.

+ship/bridge <ship_dbref>/<room_dbref>

Sets the ship's bridge room.

+ship/airlock <ship_dbref>/<room_dbref>

Sets the ship's airlock room.

+ship/cargo <ship_dbref>/<room_dbref>

Sets the ship's cargo holding room.

+ship/owner <ship_dbref>/<player_name>

Sets the ship's owner.

+ship/name <ship_dbref>/<new_name>

Sets the ship's name.

+ship/ident <ship_dbref>

Set's the ship's identification number.

+ship/zone <ship_dbref>

Sets the ship's room's zone to the ship object.

+ship/console <ship_dbref>

Installs a navigation and engineering console on the ship's bridge.

+ship/commconsole <ship_dbref>

Installs a comm console.


1. The ship's name should include its three letter planet or registry code, such as the GMF Athena.

2. If you make the ship in the OOC shipyard, be sure to set the ship's SH_IDENT attribute by hand, because it will show up as an OOC ship otherwise. Another way to do this is to transport the ship to an IC shipyard and apply the +ship/ident command there.

3. The cargo room is whatever space the ship will store cargo for the +trade system.

4. Feel free to move any of the consoles around the ship as you see fit.

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