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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Wed May 28 18:36:13 2008

In what is probably the single most shocking announcement made by the Old Bear of what was formerly House Nillu, the former Duke has taken his acceptance of the Shadow one step further. One step, many are claiming, too far. "For long I have advocated the rights of those who were born with the Touch to live a peaceful life now that they are no longer openly persecuted by the law," this new parchment reads. "Change has shown us to be a people with an open mind. As such, it is only fitting that those who were born altered by the Shadow be free to worship it as the force that grants their gifts. For this motive, although not sanctioned by my House or the Kingdom as a whole, I am allowing my personal vassals their religious freedoms. If the Shadow is but the counterpart of the Light, it is as worthy of worship as the latter. I can only hope such beliefs will extend throughout Fastheld."

Several reports claim many of the messengers putting these parchments up have been assailed. Already the quietly reviled Orrendous has become a more public target of hate in lands more local to the Lode. Also among the attacks on his persona are the claims of his recalcitrance by signing the papers as Oren Nillu, instead of using Driscol as his House name.