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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jul 19 10:44:23 2007

The IMPERIAL TRIBUNAL reports that they have officially recognized the ORDER OF THE WHITE DRAGON as a sanctioned faction of the Empire of Fastheld, as well as approving ties between the faction and the IMPERIAL CROWN and IMPERIAL TRIBUNAL itself.

The ORDER OF THE WHITE DRAGON is believed to be a formation of a Most Noble Order of Paladins and Clerics, set to fill the void that has been left in the wake of the dissolution of the CHURCH OF TRUE LIGHT.

The Paladins of the Order are set to take up the role of inquisitors, hunting down Mages that have abused their power in an effort to protect the Marked Mages and Untouched Citizens of Fastheld, acting as the militant arm of the Order while doing so.

Clerics of the Order are set to take up a support role, bringing faith and healing to those who are in need of it, while teaching the virtues of the Light and the dangers of the Shadow to those who wish to learn, though harboring no reservations about speaking of the dangers of the Light in the hands of Zealots, and the capacity for good that the Shadow may have if manipulated and contained away from the trappings of darkness.

It is believed that the Priests who currently act as independent agents of the Light (under the banner of the "Imperial Cult") will take a third-party function in regards to the Order, adopting the revised (and somewhat rebalanced and objective) views of the Order while moving away from the more zealous and unpopular dogma inherited from the CHURCH OF TRUE LIGHT.

The auction of mansions and estates in Light's Reach's Noble District is set to provide the starting funding for the Order, permitting the Order to function without the need for donations or charity.

It is to be stressed that the Order of the White Dragon is in no way to be considered a Church; the doctrine of the Order reflects the duality as a spiritual faith, not a religion. It is also to be stressed that the 'White Dragon' is symbology, acting as a metaphor of the Light, and does not reflect an actual Dragon. Though this may cause negative views among the Nobility, supporters of the Order are quick to point out that the Church of True Light had long adopted the symbology of the Sun without people mistaking the actual Sun as a deity to be worshipped.

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