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Nodhi in his most common garb.
Race Humanoid
Class Rogue
Alignment Neutral
Gender (if any) Male
Height 5'10
Weight 175lbs.
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Born (year.month.day) Unrecorded
Died unrecorded
Trisystem Neutral Medial Station
Residence Linnael's House, Dead End Gardens
Employer none
Character name Nodhi


Qadi is a remote outpost world in a vast and diverse federation of human-colonized planets. This one in particular is extremely harsh and unforgiving of environment, possessing no lakes, rivers, or oceans aboveground and almost no animal or plant life. It was colonized several thousand years ago by a matriarchal group of religious fanatics who followed something broadly akin to a variant of Islam (if one can be said to do so given the gender reversal). Owing to the harshness of the environment and the dire need to enforce mining to have anything to trade with, approximately 99% of the male population lost all social and civil rights, becoming slaves.

These slaves were kept in line via the use of reinforced steel collars which monitored their wearers for any impulse toward disobedience or violence aimed at their masters. The psychological damage of such collars has been heavily documented - offworld. There exist abolitionist groups offworld who make it their mission to obtain Qadi slaves by any means necessary, and rehabilitate them to life without what amounts to a mind control device.

Nodhi was such a slave. Liberated and put through an exhaustive rehabilitation process, he emerged from the transition facilities a new person. Unfortunately his health had deteriorated heavily, and the stress of his new existence killed him quickly.


Finding himself free, but dead, has given Nodhi a deeply wary and neutral outlook on pretty much everything he's found in Necromundus. Raised as a domestic, the man is a very skilled cook, but is most often to be found in the company of Linnael, who appointed himself Nodhi's guide and guardian, or out and about the realms hunting bounties that he finds amusing but pointless, as to him the denizens beyond the portals are simply holographic projections.