Height Adults: 3-11 ft. total length
Weight 12-30 lbs.
Danger High
Habitat Forest
General Stats Good
Use Skin, meat, fangs, poison

General DescriptionEdit

Paragon of House Zahir, and admired by those nobles, the Nightslider is traditionally associated with stealth, cunning, and its fabulously potent venom. Thankfully, within Fastheld (save in Zahir lands, where the House considers them protected), the Nightslider is very rare, thriving almost wholly in the Hedgheim moors and a few isolated spots along the Fastheld River. It is far more common in the Wildlands, especially in swampy, marshy areas like the Snake Tangle and along the Jadesnake.

Nocturnal, black-scaled, and stealthy, Nightsliders are often associated with death, assassination, and striking from concealment. It is said that calling a man a 'Nightslider' implies that he is dangerous, cunning, and vicious - and may or may not be an insult, depending on context.

The snake is usually killed when found, as a dangerous threat, though is occasionally hunted for its venom. Nightslider meat is not dangerous, with an interestingly coppery flavor, and eating it is considered a mark of bravery and virility.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A nine-foot-long legless reptile, with jet black scales, sharp fangs and glittering green eyes.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Nightsliders are generally solitary creatures, or more rarely found as mated pairs, preferring wet, marshy land where their formidible swimming ability and preferred prey (usually rats and Longflank Hare) can be found. Nocturnal, they are only occasionally seen during the day, preferring to stalk their prey in near-absolute silence with the night as camoflage.

There have been attempts made to domesticate the Nightslider to serve as guardians and pets, especially among House Zahir, but their unpredictable temprament in captivity as well as their potent venom ensures that this usually ends in a rather spectacular demonstration of the snake's danger.

General BehaviorEdit

Generally elusive, and contrary to popular belief, Nightsliders do not generally threaten man, preferring instead to ghost away silently when approached by a larger predator. When cornered, surprised, or found during the day, they will lash out with a tremendously venemous bite.

There is no antidote for nightslider venom, and it is exceedingly toxic - though, luckily, the venom is relatively slow-acting. Symptoms include sensitivity to light and noise, then a sudden tightening of the muscles causing the victim to arch rather theatrically, with arms and legs splayed. External stimulus - light or loud sounds - makes the muscle spasms more severe. Eventually, the victim dies either of a heart that stops mid fit or asphyxiation from being unable to breathe while muscles are locked.

Treatment usually involves drawing as much venom as possible from the wound as quickly as possible, then removing the victim to a quiet, dark place to recover - recovery can take up to a week, as the poison goes through one's system.

The snake is generally irritable - and will prefer to bite if agitated.

Relevant StatsEdit

Nightsliders are generally 'Good', with no significant ODF or DDF.

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