This obsidian band, fairly unremarkable at first glance, has belonged to a fairly minor branch of the Southwatch Mikin's for generations.

Although the true history of this heirloom is unknown, family tradition holds that it was given to the first Matriarch of the line by a would be suitor.

Some tales claim that he was a traitor to the crown who stole the ring from the Emperor's most secret treasure troves, others that he was a Shadow-Touched mage masquerading as a Shadowbane, who conjured the ring from the night sky on the night of their meeting

.Still other claim that he was a minor Zahir of some wealth. All tales agree to the outcome however, her father captured him attempting to climb the Keep walls one night and had him executed with the rising dawn. Since that time the ring has been passed down from mother to son, and then given by him to his bride.

The ring itself is a broad circle of obsidian, that appears at first to be unadorned. A closer examination reveals that 7 identical Light's Eyes are set at even intervals about the circumference of the band.

The black setting alters the coloring of the gems, dulling their luster somewhat and dispersing the light.

The band itself is engraved with an intricate pattern of whorls and knots that are virtually invisible to they eye though easily distinguished by touch.

  • Status: Retired.