A mudbear along the banks of the Fastheld River.
Height 3' at shoulder, 7' when standing.
Weight 250 to 600 lbs.
Danger Moderate
Habitat River forests, forests
General Stats Good (see stats section)
Use pelt, claws, teeth, meat

General DescriptionEdit

Common, with a range up and down Fastheld's rivers and along the Jadesnake in the Wildlands, the Mud Bear is an 'eat anything' predator that is generally shy, when it comes to man.

Tending to seven feet in total length for the largest specimines, the bears are usually honey-brown, with black masking around the eyes and muzzle. While nowhere near the size of their larger cousins, the Mankiller Bear, the Mud Bear is significantly faster, and markedly less aggressive.

Subsisting on a diet of fish, fowl, tree bark, shrubs, and insects, the Mud bear tends to follow its stomach through its range while largely avoiding concentrations of human habitation. It prefers to flee rather than fight, and is active from spring until a short time after the frost hits in winter. During the coldest months, the Mud bear's activity slows, as its sleep lengthens; while it never truly hibernates, it eats only rarely and remains largely in its den through most of the coldest months.

Mud bear galls are reputed to have medicinal qualities, and they are often hunted for them.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A six-foot-long brown-furred quadraped mammal with a mask of black fur around its eyes and ears.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Generally, Mud bears are found along the rivers, ranging into the wild spaces in both Fastheld and the Wildlands. They travel great distances, following their stomachs, and have no real indvidual territories, though they themselves tend to be solitary in their wanderings.

Females with cubs can be aggressive.

General BehaviorEdit

Mud bears are fairly common, yet elusive creatures, preferring to flee instead of fight and wary of mankind. They generally attack only if cornered, wounded, or otherwise have no other choice, though they will be remarkably fierce in defending their cubs.

For the most part, Mud bears often flee well before a threat encounters them, though they can be brutal if cornered. Once they do start defending themselves, they will often fight until greviously wounded or the threat is eliminated. Hunters say that if attacked by a Mud bear, often curling up and playing dead will save your life, if not your hide.

Relevant StatsEdit

Clawed Combat: Good
Athletics: Good
Climbing: Good
Dodge: Fair
Stealth: Fair

ODF: 45
DDF: 15

HPS: 350

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