Moss Jay
A female Moss Jay
Height 4-6 in.
Weight 4 oz.
Danger Nonexistant
Habitat General
General Stats Fair
Use Bones, Feathers, Meat

General DescriptionEdit

With a distinctive trilling cry, the Moss Jay is the herald of Spring, vanishing as the leaves turn and reappearing as the ground thaws. Considered a mark that the Shadow of winter is failing, its annual reappearance is also used by most farmers to begin planning their crop planting and plowing, as well as a sign to expect consistent warming after the bitter cold.

The Jays are often imitated by children, and their song is used by Scouts and Wildland Hunters as a call signifying danger is near.

Females are blue and grey, making them virtually invisible against the sky while in the nest, while Males are an olive, almost emerald green with red eyes, remarkably distinctive. The feathers of both male and female are prized for ornamentation and inexpensive quills, while their bones are used in ornamentation and in the creation of iridescent inks.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A six-inch-tall bird with blue beak, red eyes and olive green feathers.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Moss Jays are found throughout the known world, from early spring until late fall.

General BehaviorEdit

Moss Jays are never seen in winter, vanishing mysteriously as the leaves turn and returning again just before the ground thaws. They build a new nest each year, usually high in the treetops or among roof-trees, with minimal shelter to the sky. Many put out birdhouses and hollowed gourds to attract them, as their song is considered particularly pleasant.

Each year is a new courtship ritual, and the air around Moss Jay nests is a riot of song during the spring.

Like all songbirds, Moss Jays prefer to flee by flight rather than to fight a predator. They will defend their nest, however, until it is obvious it is lost, flying into the face of those that would attempt to thieve eggs and doing their best to drive the encroacher away.

Relevant StatsEdit

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