Height 18-36 inches long (including tail)
Weight up to 7 lbs.
Danger Low
Habitat Domesticated, Grasslands, low forest
General Stats Medocre/Great (see below)
Use Pets, Fur, Meat

General DescriptionEdit

The symbol of house Mikin, the Mongoose is generally considered inquisitive, protective, and forthright, standing opposite the Zahir Nightslider and generally considered its enemy. Quick, astoundingly agile, and friendly, mongooses are hunted in the wild for their pelts and meat, but are generally regarded as a friendly, lucky creature and largely appreciated by those that encounter them.

Widely kept as pets, the mongoose has been domesticated for nearly four hundred years, and is associated with the heroic Scourges of times past, and is a symbol of the guardianship of the Light.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A three-foot-long quadraped mammal, sleek and sinuous, with clawed feet, brown fur, dark eyes, sharp teeth and rounded ears.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Wild mongooses are found in the forested sections of Fastheld, as well as in the Azure Plains and the Northwatch Woods in the Wildlands. Interestingly, they are only rarely spotted in the Verdegris, and never seen near the water at Stillwater Lake.

They travel in small groups, called 'mongaggles', usually one male, a small handful (two or three) females, and kits, being protective of each other and often sharing food and young-watching duties.

General BehaviorEdit

Mongooses are inquisitive, overcurious, and largely unafraid of man - remaining only wary of him in the wilds. Preyed on by larger predators, they, in turn, prey on snakes, insects, and vermin - often among the very baseboards and basements of the houses of Fastheld and Crown's Refuge.

Interestingly, though they are not immune to Nightslider venom, they have been known to attack the snakes on sight, without provocation - though they do not seem particularly interested in eating them over any other prey.

Relevant StatsEdit

In general, a mongoose is 'Mediocre', save in situations requiring Agility, dexterity, climbing or moving quickly, in which case they are 'Great'.

ODF: 15
DDF: 0

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