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The Moebius Reflux Wave majestically sweeping over and returning Earth home.

A Centauran named Axirpolitafix invented a device that, when paired with another across time, would create a bridge between present and past. The Moebius Device, as it was called, was intended as a means of going back in time to reacquire lost species of flora and fauna for repopulation. However, the devices were stolen by the Thul with the intent of preventing Sanctuary from escaping the Kretonian invasion of 2651. The activation of the device wrought great havoc, however, generating a strange energy wave that destroyed the Otherspace Ring Network and temporarily switched Earth, Luna and Mars with alternate versions from another universe. Eventually, a team managed to stall the effect before it could spread further than Sol System. There was a massive amount of chaos in the Sol System caused by this event, with successive waves of Kretonians, Nall and then alt-universe Guardian Fleeters swooping in to take over and then reclaim Earth and Luna. The remains of the Martian Legions eventually also colonized alt-Mars, before the wave was reverted.

At around 0100 Galactic Standard Time on September 5th, 3003, a reflux wave appeared, restoring the original Earth, Luna & Mars, while leaving the Drakarian warship DSV Darlath untouched.

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