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Since 1998, Jointhesaga.com has offered an around-the-clock real-time roleplaying experience for players from around the world. Currently, we offer two universes for the consideration of discerning improvisational storytellers: The space opera adventures of OtherSpace and the afterlife explorations of Necromundus.

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It's the year 2651.

The old gods are dead. Centuries in the future, new gods struggle to repair expanding rifts in the space-time continuum. They're buying time for refugees flung to this era, to this place, in the dimension known as Hiverspace.

The old gods – the Kamir and their creation, the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind – got their start here. Now, both are gone from this place. But the realm is strewn with the remnants of those ancient powerful civilizations – from the genetically engineered races that share the planet Kamsho to the scattered artifacts that have treasure hunters and power-hungry tyrants chasing down clues.

Zar Hideg Fekretu, ruler of the brutal Koltkamir government, has embarked on an ambitious bid to control the worlds of Hiverspace, bombing or otherwise attempting to eliminate anyone who stands in his path.

Meanwhile, refugees and native Hiverspacers alike are thrown together aboard the sentient starship known as Comorro Station, dodging the Zar's minions and seeking new worlds to call home.

The old gods are dead. Their toys remain.

Who will claim them first?

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We all were sea-swallow'd,
though some cast again,
And by that destiny to perform an act
Whereof what's past is prologue,
what to come in yours and my discharge.
- Shakespeare (The Tempest)

The Shepherd and the Door

The realm of the dead is without its shepherd: Death is missing. Once a familiar sight at the crossroads of the glowing portals in the mystical purgatory city of Necromundus, the hooded skeleton has vanished without word or warning.

Chaos threatens. Meanwhile, Angels and Demons - trapped for eons amongst the lesser beings of these realms - hunt for the ancient Forbidden Portal. Through that door, it is said, they will achieve the might denied them by their predecessors. First, they must find the door. Then, they must find the key.

And may the powers of the cosmos protect anyone who stands in their way.

  • jointhesaga.com 3005

Encyclopedia Intergalactica

An evolving repository of data about the multiverse of OtherSpace.

Book of the Dead

An evolving repository of information about Necromundus.

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Featured Article

Stars and Garters: The Gamble

Sensors aboard the Gravitas start pinging as they detect - briefly - a craft emerging from FTL on a course for the wreckage of the Stars and Garters. The profile of the vessel would be familiar to the Lotorian: Medlidikke, a menacing gunboat bristling with weapons. ETA: Five minutes.

The Gravitas carefully maneuvers over to the breach and holds there. Zuan's panicked voice comes over the comms, "Bad bad ship here. Go NOW!"

Bri helps as best she can with the locker, "Off we go!" she calls out and takes off, hopefully with the other two following.

Kestrel takes hold of the locker as well, lifting and starting to move off with the other two. "Zuan sounds awful torqued 'bout somethin'," she observes. "Bettin' it ain't kittens an' rainbows, neither. Less git outta 'ere."

Finch, Kes, and Bri reach the edge of the station, and the mechanic takes the whole cabinet himself, disengaging his boot magnets and jumping for Zero Gravitas's open cargo hold doors.

While Zuan awaits the EVA team's secure arrival in the cargo hold of the Gravitas, he might notice a certain pattern to the asteroids moving about in the Strand around him just now. The Medlidikke stalker, like the Gravitas, is having to cautiously negotiate the rocks. Zuan could conceivably strike two rocks at just the right angle to create a crushing vise for the Medlidikke that couldn't be avoided without slamming into a couple of other big rocks.

Lotorians aren't particularly known for playing it safe. Maybe that's why they don't have a planet of their own anymore. At any rate, Zuan takes the riskier choice. Once he's sure that the EVA team is onboard, he fires up the engines and heads into the asteroid field. He tries to nudge the asteroids at his malevolent Hekayan pursuers.

Bri lands in the cargo hold and even though she lands safely, she finds herself tumbling into a bulkhead as Zuan takes off, a little cry escaping her, and her breath knocked from her as she hits.

The stalker pilot might be very good. He could be quite excellent, in fact. But there's little he can do when it becomes apparent that the Outverser ship has used superior shield technology to bounce asteroids hither and yon. Still, he's a Medlidikke. They simply don't give up. Thrusters fire, the stalker jerks hard to port, and it very nearly boosts its way out of the trap. Nearly isn't enough, though. The hull crumples and implodes in an exhalation of atmosphere and metallic debris.

The Later reengages her boot magnets as soon as she's safely inside the cargo bay, luckily for her, though Kestrel still sways on her feet at the piloting maneuver. "'Kari's sword, what's 'e -doin'-? You a'ight, kid?"

The cargo doors slide shut, the gravity returns by degrees, and there is a roar as the pressure returns. Finch pulls his helmet off and mounts the stairs three at a time to head aft to the engine room as if the ship moving in unusual ways beneath him is nothing new. In the engine room, he slaps the intercom panel and says, "Things good? Remember, engines to half power before FTL."

The ship banks hard as it turns to an escape vector. Zuan takes no time to revel in his victory. Instead, he points the ship towards the nearest edge of the field. Still, this is asteroid field navigation. He keeps the throttle in check. Zuan replies to Finch with just two words: "Medlidikke dead."


Past Featured Articles

Jointhesaga.com Recruiting

OtherSpace: Wanted Characters

  • Lotorian Journalist (Comorro News Broadcasting): We’ve got lots of new people showing up on Comorro Station from distant galaxies and (allegedly) far away times. Get out there and get the scoop!
  • Hekayti Docking Hub Chief (Comorro Station): We’re looking for a Hekayti technician, part of the Toveil caste, to run day-to-day operations in the station’s docking hub.
  • Lotorian Property Manager (Comorro Station): All those new refugees from off-station are going to need places to stay. So, we need someone to play Comorro’s internal property management chief.

Necromundus: Wanted Characters

  • Sir Galahad: Knight of King Arthur’s round table in Camelot.
  • Kurt Cobain: Grunge rocking lead singer of Nirvana.
  • John F. Kennedy: United States president who was shot and killed in Dallas in 1963.
  • Humphrey Bogart: Famous actor who starred in Casablanca and The Big Sleep.
  • Al Capone: Ruthless Chicago mob boss.
  • Princess Diana: Beloved British icon who died in a Paris car crash.
  • Death: Keeper of the peace in the central city of Necromundus.

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Originally posted on Ongoing Worlds' Blog: Ever heard people talking about MUSHs or MUDs in the same breath as PBEM or PBP? They’re actually quite similar, and I was able to interview Wes Platt, the c...

The Road to World Conquest: Like minds - Wes Platt - 2011/10/13 15:00

So, this week I attended my first Durham writers meet-up gathering at the Barnes & Noble on New Hope Commons. I haven’t thought of myself primarily as a writer in a long time. I’ve never really st...

31 Days of OtherSpace II: No. 6 – “Everything’s Broken” - Wes Platt - 2011/10/08 21:15

“Everything’s broken,” she said. It was hard for him to argue. The Nall hadn’t left much standing on this block when they pulled out of the Llivori capital on Kamsho. Their home, on the third floor of...

31 Days of OtherSpace II: No. 5 – “Unexpected Opponent” - Wes Platt - 2011/10/05 14:07

The horse reared back on its hind legs, pistoning the front hooves just inches above the snout of a Nall warrior named Ralk of Hatch Kavir. Heavy shadows danced along the pebbled flesh of the warrior’...

31 Days of OtherSpace II: No. 4 – “Glass” - Wes Platt - 2011/10/05 04:35

The squeegee squeaked against the dusty window of the fifth floor office building that overlooked downtown Eiru on Pyracan. Billy Lucas carried that black plastic tool with him like a sacred scepter,...

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