Reforged by the Master Weaponsmith Alesia Stormclaw, Chief Armorer of the Imperial Armories, the unique Steel Banded-Mail Armor known as Lorica's Soul was recreated in 624 ATA for Lucius Nepos.

Articulated Ferrous Steel Plate by full title, the armor goes by the more common name of Lorica's Soul. It consists of the following segments:

The Cuirass (Lorica's Soul itself) that makes up the bulk of the armor set also remains the most complicated - and impressive - item of all. It consists of a number of broad ferrous steel strips (or 'girth hoops') fastened to internal black leather straps. The strips are arranged horizontally on the body, overlapping downwards, so that they surround the torso in two halves, being fastened at the front and back. The upper body and shoulders are protected by additional strips (shoulder guards) and breast- and backplates. The form of the armor allows it to be stored very compactly, since it is possible to separate it into four sections.

A pair of arm guards known as Manicas protect the arm from just above the elbow to the wrist, consisting of fourteen curved and overlapping metal segments or plates fastened to a leather backing and with four buckles and laces to hold it in place.

Greaves protect the lower legs of the wearer, covering the entire shin and knee within a C-shaped wall of ornamented steel, while the upper legs remain hidden behind a leather skirt, composed of numerous wide strips of studded leather atop a backing of red cloth, and beneath a sash of blue velvet. A crimson Scarf completes the set, protecting the neck from chafing.

Lorica's Segment Armor originally belonged to one Lorica Rakingclaw, a Bladesman whom, in 527 ATA, owned a nearly identical set of armor which was as beautifully made as this one, and who was empowered with an aura of respect and authority merely because of the quality of that cuirass.

This property backfired, however, when the hapless young sycophant was placed in charge of the defending Aegis patrol during the Battle of Moregrade, simply because of the armor he wore.

Historians believe that this military blunder can be blamed on other Bladesmen believing that Lorica's armor meant he was a Captain, and blindly followed him into battle. Others think that it due to a conspiracy of jealous Nobles, who were envious of the cuirass and wanted to "remove" Lorica from his armor, and then claim it for themselves. Whatever the reason, the Blades Patrol that came to relieve Lorica's squad a day or two later found little of the Bladesman; except for a tattered cuirass, and a few dozen clawmarks.