Longflank Hare
Height 18 inches, nose to tail
Weight 2-5 lbs, adult.
Danger Nonexistant
Habitat Forested areas, plains
General Stats Fair
Use pelt, meat

General DescriptionEdit

The Longflank Hare is an exceedingly common animal found throughout Fastheld and the Wildlands. Considered a pest, it is often responsible for damaging farmer's crops as much as it is responsible for being a favored addition to stews and soups. Generally undomesticated, no real effort has been made to try to farm the hare - their numbers simply make the effort not entirely worthwhile.

The Hare's fur is prized for its warmth, and its meat has a surprisingly delicate flavor. Rumors persist that its ears and hindfeet are lucky charms, often carried by those wishing just a bit of an edge.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A long-eared quadraped mammal covered in gray and brown fur, with paddle-shaped back feet that give it remarkable leaping ability in life.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

The Longflank Hare ranges just about everywhere there's a decent hiding spot and food to eat; it is often seen and quick to flee at the approach of any predator.

Unusually, the Longflank Hare is one of the fastest animals in Fastheld when at a full run, but it cannot maintain its top sprint for very long. Regardless, hunters have noted a hare outdistancing a Rock Wolf in full sprint in the deepwoods.

General BehaviorEdit

Timid and shy, the Hare will only bite or fight when caught and unable to escape, fleeing at all opportunities. Excellent hearing and a sense of smell, along with its speed, serve as its only real defense.

Relevant StatsEdit

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