Linnael Waterwalker
Race Humanoid
Class Mage
Alignment Good
Gender (if any) Male
Height 6'2
Weight 148 lbs
Hair color brown
Eye color Blue
Born ( Some time in the twentieth century, exact date forgotten
Earth, somewhere in the United States
Died February 4, 2008
His home
Residence Linnael's House, Dead End Gardens
Employer Heavenly Chorus
Character name Linnael

When alive, Linnael was an engineering student, and he was human, but the specifics of his life elude him these days - he cannot even remember his true name - and only bits and pieces of knowledge from home remain with him (often pop culture), coming and going. Despite this, the mage is a rather irrepressibly cheerful fixture in Necromundus' landscape, and quite known about town for his showy tricks with magic.

A member of the Heavenly Chorus, he has taken part in fighting off both invasions by the Sae'Kall, and was one of the first to explore Atrum Viscus when the portal to that realm opened, creating the Flamespire and being a crew member on Poseidon's sorrow when it landed in Atlantis.

These days, the mage mostly stays in Necromundus, sharing a house in Dead End Gardens with is lover, Nodhi. He is prone to experimentation with magic, attempting to develop magic technologies for use in the realm of portals.

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