Reforged by the Master Weaponsmith Alesia Stormclaw, and given to Horsemaster Serath Kahar by his brother Emperor Talus Kahar XIV in the wake of the Wildling raids of 624 ATA, the Lawgiver is a weapon that has been flawlessly forged using the finest mastery that money and years of expertise can create.

The Lawgiver is a flawlessly perpendicular and unique longsword forged of the finest obsidian, spanning a length of 37-inches of reflective-black and doubled-edged metal from hilt to razor-sharp tapered end. One might note that the upper third of the edges of the sword seem to be serrated rather than edged, resulting in an array of lethal teeth before the point.

A smooth fuller runs down the middle of the blade, connecting to the hilt that has itself also been forged of obsidian, featuring a polished golden guard, and soft leather wrapped around the handle. A gold pommel, evidently studded with waterstones, sits below the handle, bearing a painfully detailed embossing of the Imperial Crown above the letters "SK", leaving no doubt as to who this blade belongs to.

Deemed to be an extension of the Conscience of the Imperial Crown, the Lawgiver exists for one purpose: to enforce the rule of law of the Imperial Crown wherever that authority is challenged or threatened by agents of shadow or those who are morally suspect.

Whether or not the concept of "law" coincides with the concept of "justice" is largely irrelevant to the weapon, as it forged in a very polarized fashion in the wake of a dark era. There is right, and there is wrong, and other details only serve to confuse the matter. The line between law and justice is something that will be deemed by the owners of this weapon in ages to come.

Curiously, the Lawmaker never actually saw much action, and was presented by Serath Kahar to the Imperial Tribune in perfect condition. It seemed, he said, a fitting tribute to a place that exists soley to enforce the absolute law of the Empire, and save Order from Chaos.

  • Status: Retired