A masterfully crafted, ebon-coloured longbow wrapped with a strand of spiraling gold wire that imitates a rose-stem. The majestic steelwood bowframe extends from foot to head - at least six feet high - and is lacquered with a finish that makes the shaft gleam; bringing out the rich swirling veins of colour in the wood.

The face of the bow is decorated with a line of diamonds that leads from the tip of the shaft to the base. A taut band of regal horsehair is strung between the recurves.

According to legend, it was this very bow - wielded by an adept young Talus Kahar II that struck down the Viscount Bröselov Vozhd from his warhorse, Arbat, at the Battle of Red Fields.

With the fall of their heroic leader, the stalwart Vozhd defenders fell into a panic as they tried to recover the body, and in the chaos, were forced to retreat from the field.

This route, coupled with the loss of the Vozhd's last great commander, would be the decisive event in the House's capitulation. With the rise of House Kahar's domination, the bow was forever dubbed the 'Kingmaker'.

  • Status: Retired