Kahar Red Deer
Height 4' to shoulder
Weight approx. 600lbs, adult male
Danger Moderate
Habitat Forests, low forests
General Stats Fair
Use hide, meat, antlers, bone, hooves

General DescriptionEdit

Common throughout Fastheld and the Wildlands, the Kahar Red Deer is a primary food source and hunter's staple. Legendary for its skittishness, wide eyes, and the spring rutting season, they figure prominently in stories as the target of Knight's hunts, and prominently on the tables throughout the known world as a food species.

Fireside tales and legends persist of a white buck that has never been caught, that is said to lead those it chooses to allow to chase it into the service of the Light.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A cinnamon-furred, hooved quadraped with large brown eyes, a slender snout, and spiked antlers.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

The deer range in small herds and family groups throughout the forested areas of Fastheld, most common near Silkfield, Aegisport, and along the Silver Bear. They are a primary prey for Rock Wolf, Mankiller Bear, and human alike.

Spring is their rutting season, when the herds tend to congregate in the deepwoods and their bellowing challenges are made and mating rights fought over. So loud are their mating challenges, in fact, that they've been commonly known to drown out roosters in the early morning and even make conversation difficult in the center of town too near the forest's edge.

The Kahar Red Deer remains active throughout the year, neither hibernating nor changing its range as winter falls; herds can often be seen crossing Fastheld's roads in the depths of the cold months in search of food.

While not generally domesticated, some enterprising nobles have managed to tame young red deer as pets and ornaments around their manor grounds.

General BehaviorEdit

The Red Deer is skittish, preferring flight over fighting in nearly every circumstance, relying on its speed and agility to keep it safe. Its size protects it against 'lower' predators, however, leaving it with little to fear save beasts like the Rock Wolf and, of course, Men.

During rutting season, the males can be more aggressive, but attacking human beings is so rare as to be the source of anecdote and laughter.

Relevant StatsEdit

Athletics: Superb Dodge: Good

ODF: 35 DDF: 0

HPS: 100

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