Set into the ground outside of the Loom and Spindle, this obsidian longsword seems to stand proudly in a "T" position with its hilt and pommel pointing towards the heavens, blade thrust firmly into the ground. The weapon is 46-inches long in length, consisting of a double-edged blade with a smooth fuller.

Connected to the blade stands a rounded guard atop a solid hilt, consisting of a pear-shaped pommel, overshadowed by a gently arched guard forged of steel. The grip of the hilt is hock bottle in shape, tightly bound with gold wire. A detailed horse motif has been etched into the surface of the blade, while upon the pommel rests the wildcat seal of Imperial House Kahar.

Though the weapon was forged in the year 617 by weapon master Serion Shiningblade, and presented to Serath Kahar upon his twentieth birthday, it is what occured in the year 624 that made this weapon a local legend. A day after the seamstress Althea Weaver was abducted by agents of the Shadow, Serath Kahar drew this longsword and thrust it into the ground outside of the Loom and Spindle; an action that was symbolic of his silent fury and vengeance towards the Shadow, echoed only by the raging storm that afflicted this Stormclaw day.

Moments after the longsword had been set into the ground, a streak of lightning fell from the heavens and struck the longsword, striking the weapon regardless of all else. Though many were injured by the strike, Serath - who was nearest to the strike at the time - remained unscathed.

Those who follow the Light now consider this weapon to be either blessed or cursed, depending on their personal beliefs; for while some claim that the Shadow caused the lightning to strike the longsword in vengeance for all those followers of Shadow that were slain by it, others claim that the Light inherant within the blade prevented the Shadow from destroying it, and that the Light's grace shielded Serath from the strike. Whatever the reasoning, "Kahar's Fury" appears to be forever fused into the ground outside of the Loom and Spindle.