[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Human]]
Scientific Name Homo sapiens sapiens
Classification Humanoid
Average Height 5'10"
Average Weight 160lbs
Average Lifespan 100 Years
Native Language Terran Standard
Homeworld Earth, Mars, others

While Sivadians, Qua, Ungstiri and Lunites may all lay claim to being human, human is more connotatively known as those who have closer ancestrial ties to the Sol System than others and are not Lunite. Those that identify strongly to their Earth-based ancestry might even refer to themselves as Pure Human.

The greatest attribute of many humans that come from the Sol System is the intense dislike, even hatred of aliens. Over the past 400 years, many humans see themselves as justified in the dislike. The Kretonian invasion brutally oppressed the Sol System, Earth was lost to plasma bombs, the Centaurans unleashed a Moebius Effect wave in the Sol System, eventually leading to the temporary loss of Mars and requiring an evacuation until a reflux wave brought the planet back, and most recently a short lived invasion by the Nall in the Birthright War. Humans have endured, but many of them are not welcoming of aliens as a result.

Those humans that live outside of the Sol System do not have any unified governing body, but instead are spread out, mostly amongst the other worlds populated primarily by the human-derived races.

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