This once-dainty human right hand is grayish and leathery, as if somehow preserved. The digits are twisted and gnarled into a loose fist, the cuticles receded to the point of making the brittle yellow nails themselves look extremely long.

The knuckles look untouched by arthritis or other scourges of age but the hand itself looks fully-grown; it would seem that the victim was in her early to middle adulthood when this was lost. The hand's wrist is capped with silver, and a foot-long loop of silver chain attaches to this cap.

In the middle 300's, there was a fairly renowned Shadowscourge by the name of Sorenn Kahar. During her life, she was known to be extremely powerful with the Sun's kiss, rumored to even have the ability to dispell the Shadow from an individual and leave them clean of its taint, all with a simple touch of her hand. At the age of thirty two, Sorenn was brutally murdered, and when her body was found, her head and right hand were missing, the hand hacked off at the wrist.

The killer was eventually found and disposed of, and the head was recovered, but the hand was never found save for rumors of its use. Over the last 270 or so years, the hand's mummified remains have popped up in popular lore in a multitude of places, usually in the possession of an extra-cautious freelander or merchant who kept it in their possession in the hopes that it would protect them from the Shadow.

It has grown a wide repertoire of rumored powers over the years, including claims that it can heal the sick, shrink warts, prevent the possessor's fall into the Shadow if bitten by a Shadowed animal, hold a sword and fight the Shadow without a body, and even turn night into day at the possessor's hour of greatest need. Many, if not most, of these stories are likely untrue, but the sheer quantity of stories about this artifact suggest that there might be some small nugget of truth behind the lie.