Covered with architectural swirls and deep, smooth-cut gingerbreading, this long, narrow, backless sofa has been designed for elegance. The two sturdy cushions are clad in the finest, deep-blue velvet, inlayed with swirling panels of lighter blue, and even a hint of billowing violet.

The curved, lithe biinwood legs and base are carved with articulation and spirit, with starry patterns made of amber and light flecks of yellowed jasper contrasting sharply with the ultramarine paint covering the wood. The far-apart armrests curve severely in a spiral, as if to be used for handles, and a deep blue velvet dust ruffle falls elegantly to the floor. Underneath, one would notice the glint of steel framing supporting this masterpiece of design and function.

In 412, there lived an extremely talented Imperial Quarrymistress by the name of Ibrilim Nillu. Ibrilim, being extremely portly to the point of grotesqueness, had extreme difficulty in waddling herself about, and felt extremely self-conscious when doing so. For years, she attempted to cover this up with the most beautiful dresses in the land, and this made her feel better...for a time. When she broke her thighbone in mid-Bleakdreary from a false step, she decided that she would never walk anywhere again.

A sturdy white donkey by the name of Pillory was commissioned for this purpose, and her keep was carved out with wide hallways for Pillory to travel through, her vassals carrying her from Pillory to where she needed to be. This system, however, failed miserably when it came to the surveying of quarries, where one often is forced to go down into caves and such to value the findings. It was when her favorite vassal, Guwen, died of a head injury while attempting to carry her through a mine near Marble Grove (causing her a broken hip, not to mention having the unpleasant experience of falling atop a dead man), that she decided that this was a poor solution. Thus, she commissioned Guwen's Divan in the vassal's honor.

Fortified with a lattice of steel tubing and with a night-sky theme, she made sure that the divan was agile, elegant, and ultimately, unbreakable. Seated atop this creation, Ibrilim was able to have four or more servants carry her about, making her rides much smoother, and much less deadly.

  • Status: Retired