The Great Mikage, often referred to as simply Mikage, is often considered the most powerful spirit by those who practice Mikagis. This spirit is generally referred to as the ruler of the afterlife Mikagis believes in and does not seem to assume many other duties.

It is said to have referred to itself as a male, thus making gender neutral and male pronouns acceptable within conversation. The spirit tends to be portrayed as an elderly, seemingly eternally aging human male who looks out a window into the afterlife and is unable to even walk without a cane. Some have questioned this portrayal over the past centuries, but all known records from mediums and researchers seem to suggest a belief that this portrayal is a preference of the spirit itself.

Mikage is the most foreign of the Saints, not often concerning itself with the affairs of the living, but rather dealing with the affairs of the dead. Mikage is also strange in that, unlike the other Saints, who offer experience from their lives to those they speak with, Mikage seems to have little to no memory of ever living.

The Later ability to resist and negate psionic activity is considered a gift from Mikage.

Mediums who hear this spirit are often held in higher regard than their peers, but otherwise, few seem to build shrines or other memorials to this spirit.


Mikage is one of the few Saints who constantly maintains a Medium. Those associated with having been a Medium of Mikage vary widely in personality, agenda, occupation and general outlook.


While Mikage is considered the most powerful, it is one of the most foreign of the Saints, remaining distant from the living. The few who worship Mikage are either investigators specializing in Mikagis or those who are near death.

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