Four-Toed Hunch
Height 3ft, nose to tip of tail. 18in. body length
Weight 5-7 lbs.
Danger Low
Habitat River forests
General Stats Poor
Use Meat, bones, hide

General DescriptionEdit

A small, grey-furred beast, the Four-Toed Hunch is a reclusive, nocturnal creature that relies on its impressive climbing ability and stealth to avoid predators. Free- and Wildlanders prize the beast's meat as being flavorful and rich, making it a staple part of their diet in those areas that the Hunch is found.

Very common, hunches occasionally can be found rooting through the refuse of a village or even raiding a vegetable garden, though their preferred foods are insects and small lizards.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A three-foot-long quadraped mammal with large green eyes and rounded ears, covered from snout to rump in short gray fur. A bare pink tail extends about a foot from the rump.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Hunches are mostly found in the trees along the riverbanks and marshy areas of the known world. Arboreal, they are rare treats for animals that do not climb - like the Rock Wolf or even the largest Mankiller Bear. Mud bears find them a delicacy, and humans prize them for their meat as well.

General BehaviorEdit

A Four-Toed Hunch is almost completely harmless; while it will bite, if it must, its general tactic is to be hidden, quiet, and overlooked. Very stealthy, the challenge in hunting one is literally in finding it in the first place.

Relevant StatsEdit

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