Forester's Sparrow
An Adult Male
Height 7 inches, beak-to-tail
Weight 4 oz.
Danger Nonexistant
Habitat General
General Stats Fair
Use feathers, bones, meat

General DescriptionEdit

Found just about everywhere, the Forester's Sparrow is a common songbird that's seen from one end of the known world to the other. Nesting in house eaves and trees, it is truly prolific, and visible year-round. While never truly domesticated, it has been tamed if raised from a chick, caged for song in noblility's homes and taken by the Nillu into the mines near the Lode to act as a warning for those places where air has gone bad.

Children often imitate the sparrow's song, and it is a common scout signal used in both Imperial forces and amongst the Wildlander hunters.

It is hunted lightly for its meat, which is slightly tough but has a vaguely sweet taste, and its bones and feathers which are used in jewlery, decoration, and to cut inexpensive quills.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

A small brown and gray bird, with yellow talons and a blue beak.

Habitat and HabitsEdit

Forrester's Sparrows, unlike some birds, do not appear in cycles, instead remaining in some proximity to their nesting space year-round. Females are simple grey, while the males have irridescent blue wing-feathers and a remarkable capacity to imitate forest sounds, which they then use to attract a mate.

Mated pairs return to the same nest each spring, ranging wider through the winter months as food grows scarce.

General BehaviorEdit

Like most birds, Forrester's Sparrows are flighty and quick to flee, preferring flight to conflict. Females have been known to play 'wounded', dragging a wing and acting hurt to lead predators away from a nest, but mated pairs will abandon unhatched eggs to predators and gatherers if the pretense fails.

Relevant StatsEdit

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