Sat atop Caryas Hill in the Palace District, Fastheld Keep is the seat of power for the Imperial Government in the Empire of Fastheld.

Situated behind a curtain wall, and surrounded by numerous other residences and locations of importance to the realm, the correct term for the location is "Fastheld Castle" or "The Royal Palace".

However, as the actual throne is situated inside the Keep within the Castle, the term Fastheld Keep is more commonly used to describe the site.

The Royal Palace is also home to the Bronze Hall of the Imperial Horsemen, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Imperial Crown, the Hall of Blades of the Imperial Watch, the Imperial Stables, the Imperial Tournament Grounds, and a number of other locations of interest.

Perhaps more importantly of all, Fastheld Keep itself is the home of the current Emperor or Regent of the Empire, as well as the traditional home of the Royal Bloodline.