A five-foot-long staff formed from the ruddy cinnamon-hued limb of an ancient biinwood tree. It's rather gnarled at the top, twisted into an arc so that the overall effect of the staff is to appear like a sort of shepherd's crook.

The staff is carved with intricate patterns consisting of dozens of brown elk locking antlers with each other. The connection of the antlers creates a rather aesthetically appealing zigzag pattern that ascends and declines along the entire length of the staff. The bottom of the staff is capped in polished bronze.

Carried centuries ago by Grummlan Path, the explorer hired by Fahral Mikin to scout the woods around Light's Reach, the Elk Staff was crafted in the year 65 Before the Aegis by a woodsmith named Hundon Lock.

The staff was commissioned by Yadrell Mikin, a Patron of the Church of True Light, who bestowed the walking stick as a reward to Grummlan Path for his efforts in scouting along the Lightholder River for a suitable site to locate the Stanchion - a major citadel in service to the Church that still stands to this day.

Path carried the Elk Staff with him until his mortal wounding by Wildlings after his discovery of the Sheltered Flame Keep not far from Light's Reach.