Connor Perkins was a human giant by any measure, the Saint of Warriors stood at seven feet tall. He lived in the 34th Century, spending most of his life in pit fighting and other gladitorial type places. He is often worshiped by those for whom combat is a strong focus. Soldiers and gladiators are the most common groups from which supporters are drawn.


Connor Perkins was born in the second quarter of the 34th Century.

He fought in gladitorial combat leagues and is attributed a near legendary record, even against large aliens such as Zangali. Unfortunately, with this being such a violent field, he was eventually brought down in the 3370s.


It took until the early 35th century for Saint Perkins to be acknowledged. While he was violent and often fought alone in life, in death he chose to serve under Saint Alliman during the rebellion led by Saint Carter. It is this act that gave him the portfolio of soldiers as well as gladiators.

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