An eight-pointed star fashioned from glimmering gold, with a sharply faceted Light's Eye gemstone at its heart. Known as the Binary Star, it can be taken apart into its twin component pieces. The star pendant is suspended from a gold chain worn around the neck.

Crafted in the year 593 ATA (After the Aegis) for Kolan Zahir, it was made before his first tour of duty on the Aegis. He gave one half to his wife, Esta.

He wore the left half himself to symbolize how much he missed her when they were apart and how he only felt whole when they were together. When he came home, Esta would wear the two pieces as one around her neck.

After Kolan was forced to retire from the Blades after the loss of his hand, Esta wore the Binary Star every day until her death in 603 ATA.

  • Status: Retired.