Height 30-60 cm long (12-24 in)
Weight 1.4-4.5 kg (3-10 lbs)
Danger Low
Habitat Underwater
General Stats

General DescriptionEdit

A staple of the Fastheldian diet for those who live near open water, the Baronessfish is a plain but widely recognized fish. Averaging about eighteen inches long, its coloration ranges through the various shades of green between light and dark, underbelly a silvery white and patches of black glistening down its sides. Its eyes glisten a deep golden-brown.

The fish's most identifying feature is its wide mouth, a gaping maw that some say inspired its name- as liable to flap with empty nonsense as the tongue of a Baroness.

Hunted Object DescriptionEdit

Habitat and HabitsEdit

If it's watery, the baronessfish can thrive in it. Specimens that live in muddy-bottomed lakes and other such areas tend to be darker in coloration, but they're still recognizably the same kind of fish... and there's few bodies of water you can't find one.

General BehaviorEdit

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