[[Image:|125px|Image of a Aukami]]
Scientific Name
Classification Humanoid
Average Height 8ft
Average Weight unknown
Average Lifespan unknown
Native Language Hekayan
Homeworld Aukam

The Aukami were the heirs to everything the Kamir left behind after their Ascension, but their own legacy was one of overreaching arrogance and bitter disappointment.

Much of the homeworld, Aukam, has fallen into ruins that have been reclaimed by jungles and deserts across the planet's surface. Ancient ziggurats, most of them crumbling, rise from the wreckage.

Only one major city remains - an ember glowing in the ashes of Aukami civilization: Multvaros. It is a sprawling metropolis with an intact ziggurat at its heart - the Bright Temple, as it is known to the city's inhabitants. The Bright Temple is the seat of power. When a new leader is elected by the Cepelem (representative council of Aukami scientists and doctors), a powerful shaft of light erupts from the temple, followed closely by a psionic pulse that can be felt by the entire populace.

Their native language is Auk.

Physical FactsEdit

Aukami stand about eight feet tall, with features that are somewhat akin to those of Mystics, Timonae, and Vollistan Light Singers. They have olive skin, silver hair, extra knuckles in their fingers, no fingerprints, and eyes that glow different colors depending on their mood. Their lifespans are measured in centuries.


  • The Aukami are adept at medical technology and applications of it that involve psionics, particularly telekinetics.
  • The Aukami once enslaved a colony of Lotorians and that colony's descendants. Those Lotorians also served as subjects for numerous medical and scientific experimentation programs.
  • The Hekayti liberated the Lotorian slaves about two thousand years ago in a conflict known as the Unshackling.
  • The Aukami fall short of the power of the Kamir primarily because they no longer know how the psi amplification modules gathering dust in the Bright Temple work.
  • The Aukami once had resurrection technology, but lost it when the Kamir laid waste to many assets before departing Aukam.
  • In general, Aukami are serious, somber people who want to put behind themselves a dark and troubled past. They put great stock in mastering their emotions. However, they also recognize the value inherent in venting from time to time. Twice a day, all Aukami are invited to a great pavilion at the Bright Temple known as the Felkieb or "Shouting Quarter." During these five-minute gatherings, the Aukami shout and yell at the tops of their lungs.
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